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How much milk does baby need?

Have you ever had this kind of situation?

Your baby keeps crying after finished the meal?

After ruling out all possible reasons ( flatulence, hungry, ill..etc.), if the situation didn't get improved, then the problem might be the quantity of meal.

Here you will find an idea how much quantity you could prepare for your baby.

(Baby's weight x 150ml)÷meal/day= quantity per meal

For example, a new born weighed 3kgs, 8 meals per day, then we can prepare:

(3kgsx150ml)÷8= 60ml(per meal) or 450ml for whole day

This gives us an idea but remember, every baby is different, some demand more and others may need less, their appetite should be respected as well, the most important is that our baby grows up healthy, isn't ?

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