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How Many Feeding Bottles To Buy for newborn?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

How many feeding bottles to buy for newborn?

If you haven't decided how will you feed your baby, we suggest preparing 6 feeding bottles including 2 small size bottles and 4 medium size bottles. The reason is quite simple, gain time to put your feet up.

Most of newborn babies need to be fed 8 times per day for first 3 months, if your baby is formula fed, imagine that you have only one feeding bottle and have to clean it after use......even if it takes you only 5-10 minutes to wash them, why not prepare few more bottles to take the daily cleaning time to a minimum and have more time for yourself?

What if you breastfeed your baby? You might think that you will never need any feeding bottle, well, it could be but rare. You will most likely need them when you are unfortunately ill or when you are away from your baby for some reasons.

One more reason shows that it is good to have few feeding bottles with you is that fathers can also participate in raising children and have chance to interact with baby which does help for baby's development.

You might also ask, my baby drinks more than 200ml each meal after 4 months and I won't need those small bottles anymore. So, what to do with those replaced bottles?

With our multifuctional accessories, there are more choices than just go into recycle bin, we can transform those replaced bottles into breast milk storage bottle, mini sippy bottle and baby food storage container. Great idea, isn't it?

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