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Brand Story - 2angels

Design products for own children is the best job of world.

We were classmates in university before we married. We studied and worked together, and spent our life in Shanghai for 4 years.

During our stay in Shanghai, our daughter was born and we had a new title as parents. This made our life in Shanghai became busy but joyful.


We used to work as product manager.

It comes natural to create, design products in our daily life.


With this background, we start to dream about designing products for our children, we believe that this is absolutely gonna be the best job of the world.

So we are back to Taiwan and set up “2angels”, in order to learn more knowledge about children caring, we move toward our dream step by step and got the certificate of babysitter.

After 2angels is founded, it comes to our mind that how should we define our business and what is the aim of our business.

We hope that our products could be helpful for parenting life and the major is to provide children the most safe products.

For parents | Ease parenting life

As parent, we know well the toils of parenting, even we would never ask for any return, we still expect to see a knowing smile.

Then it appears in our thoughts constantly that it must be marvelous if we could integrate creative ingenuity and thoughtfulness into children products. 

Children need to be well raised and parenting life need to be eased.

For children | Provide the most safe products

Our products are made for your and our children, free of DEHP, heavy metals, BPA, non-toxic are the basic requests and the only standards for our products. This is the promise that we ought to give to our children because they believe in us.

2angels, to your and our angels.

All products are complied with FDA food contact substances regulations.








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